Sam Dekocker 

Hi, I’m a 24 years old graphic & digital design graduate from Ghent that gets intrigued by new digital technologies. I love experimenting and coming up with new ways of expressing my ideas. I try to look up the boundaries between digital and analog media. Currently, I’m working as a freelance designer at Base Design Brussels.

︎ Base Design (2022-2023)
︎ Studio Dumbar (2022)*
︎ Toykyo (2022)*
︎ Vue Studio (2020)*

︎ DEMO Festival (2022)
︎ D&AD The Portfolios (2022)
︎ We’re Still Here (2021)

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Year: 2022
Data Visualisation / AR Face filters
Collab with Bras Lareu
How materialistic are you?
FACE-IT is a new function for ZOOM where you can fill in a questionnaire about how materialistic you really are. The data of the results are generated into your personal face filter. The filter is divided in 3 categories. We wanted to show materialism as a physical disease, so. the more materialistic you are, the more ‘sick’ and ‘dirty’ your face is. FACE-IT is a conversation starter on ZOOM to talk about materialism because it’s difficult to know how materialistic you really are.